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A fun solution that leads to a better adoption of corporate applications.
Facilitates the adoption of Yammer, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Lync, Office365 and any other corporate system.
Real-time analysis
The system measures the daily application usage by both users and their allies.
Any application
It measures and promotes the use of corporate applications with recommendation of best practices.
Interact and collaborate with others to jointly improve the use of corporate IT.
Individual and collective Indicators
Offers both quantitative and qualitative views of usage and trends of both individual user as well as the overall company.
Improves the use of corporate systems through Gamification.
Through gamification and by behavioural analysis the user can keep on improving their use of corporate systems.
A set of personal goals associated with the use of the system directly involves the user, inviting them to participate, in the improvement process.
Compare your score and achievements with those of your colleagues.
Available for Windows 8, iOS , Android & Windows Phone.
Find out how you can help your users and your company!
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